Current Projects


Anheuser Busch Processing Plant - Earth City, MO

Improvements to a heavy industrial food/beverage processing plant to include new HVAC and controls, PLC installation, motor control centers, VFD control panels and service to many multi-horsepower extruder pumps

General Motors Assembly Plant – Wentzville, MO

Various medium voltage projects ranging from the installation and alteration of conveyors, robots and various portions of the assembly line to the ongoing service & maintenance of the overall power & distribution for the entire assembly plant

St. Peters Storm Water Pump Station 3 – St. Peters, MO

Installation of back-up generator power for storm water treatment facility consisting of Class 1 / Division 1 applications to includes various motor control centers, VFDs and programmable logic controls

Verizon Wireless – St. Louis, MO

Revisions to existing electrical service to include a new 2000A service, a new 1500 KW generator and redistribution of existing loads

SAIA Trucking

Construction of a new 51,000 square foot trucking terminal including power and controls for 100 loading docks, lighting, power including a 1,500 square foot truck repair shop

Mercedes Benz – Olivette, MO

Remodel/upgrade to existing Mercedes Benz dealership to include new lighting and power distribution

Midwest Oral Surgery – St. Louis, MO

Construction of a new oral surgery center consisting of new electrical service, lighting and controls, fire alarm distribution, and electrical distribution to various x-ray equipment and surgical chairs

Spanish Lake Fire House – Spanish Lake, MO

Renovation/addition to existing fire house consisting of electrical service extensions, site lighting, new fire alarm system, paging & 911 systems as well as digital lighting controls and a complete lightning protection system

Reckitt Benckiser Rail Spur Addition – St. Peters, MO

Addition of new rail spur which will cover the existing rail car product unloading. Electrical work consists of new LED lighting & controls, and fire alarm design and installation for monitoring of a preaction and refrigerated sprinkler system