Meet The Team

Douglas Brewer
President / CEO

When Doug Brewer founded Vision Electric in 2005, he brought with him 20 years of experience in the electrical construction industry. From day one, he has cultivated relationships with customers through one daily motto, “Promise what you can deliver and deliver what you promise.” His experience in both commercial and industrial construction on all levels has made him an exemplary candidate as a quality, sole-sourced electrical designer and contractor. His repeat clients are proof of that.

Along with his duties as President, Doug manages the Pre-Construction Department at VISION Electric assuming the role as chief estimator on all design/build and plan/spec projects. His passion for his clients, his company and the industry is evident in every project that VISION Electric is involved with.

OFFICE: 636.916.0900 X 222

MOBILE: 314.280.1346

Ed Ross
Partner / License Holder / CFO

As a co-founder, licensed partner and CFO, Ed Ross wears several hats contributing to the day to day operations of VISION Electric & Systems. Ed oversees the daily operation of VISION Electric including the daily execution of business plans, company policy and all financial evaluation. He is a “hands on” CFO who works closely with all departments within the company ensuring projects are on track and our customer’s best interests are being served. In addition to Ed’s responsibilities as a company officer, his vast experience in the telecommunication field offers insight to the most complex IT projects either in the pre-construction department, serving our customer base directly or aiding our IT team in the field. At the same time Ed finds time to manage a base of key client accounts integral to the success of the company.

OFFICE: 636.916.0900 X 223

MOBILE: 314.280.5772

Matt Kahrhoff
Director of Construction

A 30-year, 3rd generation industry veteran, Matt’s experience in the commercial, medical and service arenas of the electrical industry made him a perfect fit when he joined Vision Electric & Systems in 2007. As a Project Manager, Matt built lasting relationships with several customers while managing such notable construction projects as The Moonrise Hotel, Cassidy Turley Headquarters and the renovation of the Historic Cupples 9 Building in St. Louis. Matt’s methodical, detail-oriented management approach during the construction process has turned several “end-users” into longtime VISION Electric clients. Promoted to Director of Construction in 2012, Matt’s responsibilities now include heading the project management team, overseeing all design/build and plan/spec projects coming out of the pre-construction department, implementing marketing and business development strategies within the company while maintaining and building on several customer service accounts.

OFFICE: 636.916.0900 X 227

MOBILE: 314.853.6148

Don Harrington
Electrical Engineer

Don Harrington serves as VISION Electric & Systems Chief Electrical Engineer on staff. Don aids the design/build department in all electrical infrastructure design and development and serves as chief engineer on all arc flash coordination studies for several key clients. Don also assists in electrical plan review in association with all municipalities within St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Don’s vast experience in the automotive assembly industry has made him the perfect fit in VISION’s daily role at the General Motors Assembly Plant in Wentzville, MO. His experience in PLC and instrumentation design have been an invaluable asset to the ongoing projects for such key clients as General Motors, Coke-a-Cola and Missouri American Water Co.

MOBILE: 636.219.9469

Jeff Oakley
Project Manager

Graduating from Southwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering & Construction Management with continuing education courses at Washington University in St. Louis, Jeff Oakley brought a wealth of knowledge and experience when he joined VISION in 2013. Jeff’s well-rounded and vast experience in the electrical construction industry range from the direct management of geothermal power plants and waste water treatment plants to vast government projects and large scale commercial projects. Jeff’s experience in both the design/build and plan/spec areas of the industry have allowed him to be a vital team member of any type of construction project. At VISION, Jeff’s attention to detail as both an estimator and a project manager have been an asset to every project that he is involved in.

OFFICE: 636.916.0900 X 228

MOBILE: 314.478.0660

Ron Johnson
Project Manager

Ron Johnson is the latest team member to join VISION Electric & Systems. Coming on board in 2018, Ron brought with him 30 years of experience in the electrical industry primarily focused in the healthcare & industrial fields. The combination of both levels of experience give Ron an insightful edge when approaching even the most complex projects. Ron’s experience as project manager range from commercial applications ranging from retail and medical facilities to the more involved Class I & Class II heavy industrial applications including projects at natural gas fueling plants, chemical facilities and food/beverage processing plants. His advocacy for our industry is evident in his mindful execution of every project he is involved with while fostering trustworthy relationships with his entire client base.

OFFICE:636.916.0900 Extension 224


Steve West 
Manpower Coordinator / Director of Safety

Steve West manages all field technicians at VISION Electric to include all manpower scheduling as well as implementing the company’s corporate safety policy. In his duties as Manpower Coordinator, Steve ensures that every VISION project is staffed appropriately to maintain scheduling milestones and deadlines. With his 25 years of experience in the electrical industry, Steve coordinates daily with our field management supervisors as well as our project management team with insightful input on daily tasks at hand on particular projects. Steve also serves as an advisor on projects during the estimating phase. In his duties as Director of Safety, Steve works closely with our general contracting partners as well as directly with our end use clients to ensure that every job and every daily task is being performed in the safest manner possible. Boasting an EMR of .72, Steve works tirelessly to ensure that all employees and job sites are safe every day.

OFFICE: 636.916.0900 X 225

MOBILE: 314.853.6691

Michelle Lindsey
Executive Accounting Administrator

For those who work closely with Michelle Lindsey, they know she is at the forefront of every project that is developed and executed at VISION Electric. Her involvement in the daily operation of VISION Electric includes a myriad of administrative duties. From each project’s inception through its conclusion, Michelle Lindsey is involved. Michelle stays with projects from initial contract execution to monthly invoicing and labor tracking through contract closeout. She works closely with the ownership group as well as all department heads and the entire project management team to ensure projects are on track.

OFFICE: 636.916.0900 X 226

Deana Fleschner
Project Coordinator

As Project Coordinator, Deana Fleschner is heavily involved with all service, plan/spec and design/build projects. For each project, Deana oversees the permitting process for all electrical construction disciplines. She works closely with each municipalities inspection department and schedules all daily inspections. Deana also works with each member of the project management team to compile and submit accurate submittal documentation on every project. With her extensive background in lighting and lighting controls, Deana spearheads lighting design, layout, photometric overlays and product procurement on every project coming out of the VISON Design/Build Department.

OFFICE: 636.916.0900 X 221